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Tickled Pink Collection

Tickled Pink Collection

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Introducing our exclusive Tickled Pink cotton candy assortment! Available for pre-order now, this limited time offering promises a dreamy indulgence you won't want to miss.

Delve into the Tickled Pink Collection, a delightful assortment of four cotton candy flavors that promise a whimsical journey through rosy sweetness:

  1. Strawberry: Enjoy the essence of freshly picked strawberries, capturing their bright and juicy notes.
  2. Pink Vanilla: Embrace the classic allure of smooth vanilla, tinted with a delightful pink hue for a comforting experience.
  3. Cherry: Dive into the bold and tangy sensation of ripe cherries, delivering a burst of fruity delight.
  4. Strawberry Cheesecake: Experience the decadence of creamy cheesecake blended with luscious strawberries, a divine fusion of flavors.

Each spun-sugar cloud embodies the essence of love and joy, meticulously crafted to infuse your moments with sweetness. Handpicked for their irresistible tastes, these cotton candies are perfect for gifting or savoring your own moments of pure indulgence.

Celebrate with our Tickled Pink Collection, where every flavor is a delightful expression of sweetness.

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