Life just got Sweeter!

Candy Connections connects you to an optimistic environment in which we strive to reach every person of every age with our deliciously unique menu. Every piece of this investment is infused with fun — this is truly the sweetest business to be a part of! Our leadership team brings nonprofit management and youth development wisdom along with a combined 20+ years of business experience that all spins together for a unique perspective plus creative ways to grow and manage business.

🌟Our First Franchisee

Donna and Brandon Price

Park City Mall

Lancaster, PA


Purpose Driven:

Our mission goes beyond sweet tooth satisfaction. Youth and community empowerment is intentionally spun in everything we do. Sweet Uniqueness: You will have little to no direct competition as a cotton candy franchise! Our products truly are unique, fresh, and flavorful as we are generous with our toppings — Our top seller Cookies and Cream there’s always cookie in every bite!


Strong ROI Potential:

Say hello to a fun way to financial freedom! Our proven business model is built with high profit margins, leading to a strong ROI potential for our franchisees.


Low Start-Up:

Get up and operating fast, with low upfront costs and minimal equipment needs. 

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